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Our annual Skins Spiel is coming Jan 13-15. Register now under Competitions.

What is a skins spiel you ask?

Rules for Skins Curling The Skins format differs from regular curling in that a point is awarded for each end won. An end is won if the team with the hammer scores two or more points or the opposing team steals the end with at least one point. If neither of these occur the point is carried over to the next end and the total value at stake grows. This results in a very exciting offensive style of play where every end is like the final end of the game with teams going all out to win.

1 point will be awarded for ends 1-5, and 2 points awarded for ends 6-8. The idea of this rule is insure that each game will go at least 6 ends.

  1. Games will be eight ends.

  2. A coin flip will determine the hammer and stone color. The team winning the coin flip can choose either: a. to throw first or second stone in the first end, or b. the rock color they wish to use

  3. In a skins game teams play to win the end. The game winner is the team with the most ends won. To win an end: a. The team that has the hammer must score at least two points. b. The team without the hammer must steal at least one point.

If neither team wins the end, the end is blanked and the point carries over until an end is won.

  1. The hammer: a. If a team wins the end, the hammer goes to the other team in the next end. b. If no team wins the end, the hammer changes teams for the next end.

  2. If neither team wins the final end, then a draw to the button determines the winner of that end.

  3. If the number of ends won are tied, then a draw to the button determines the winner of the game.

  4. The five-rock Free Guard Zone rule applies, as do all other standard curling rules.